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Music-based Yoga in Nashville, tn


Living our best life is what we strive for every day. And doing that requires loud music, laughing at ourselves, and moving our bodies.


 This practice is inspired by life. The ups, the downs. The beating heart of it all. 


We offer a fresh take on vinyasa yoga and music is at our core to build energy, freedom, and fun.

Instead of music being in the background, the rhythm and beats drive the pace of class. Our classes are intelligently sequenced and designed to move your body while discovering physical edges.

It's about getting onto your mat, outside of your head, and connecting to the beat to discover what truly moves you. 

Curating our playlists might be one of our favorite past times. We take pride in what music we choose and everything has intention and meaning behind it. #yogaparty

Our yoga room is gently heated, aka it's about 75 degrees in there. And don't you worry, you'll still work up a sweat. We've got a class for you.


Our space is a home that reflects simplicity.


ILY is located in the 12th South Neighborhood of Nashville at The Waverly building.

We adore our sweet little spot, and can't wait to welcome you into it with high fives and bear hugs. 

We've got everything you need. Mats and towels are complimentary at ILY. Aka, they are free for you to use while you are here. We all forget our mats and towels from time to time. 

Need to freshen up after a little sweat-sesh? We've got you covered there too. Our studio provides spa-style locker rooms with full showers, all the products, lockers, changing space and well lit mirrors. Because come on, lighting is everything. 

ILY is also really proud to say that we are a non-toxic, chemical free space. That means everything we clean the studio with and everything we offer you to clean your body with is all natural. All the products we use are essential oil based. And that includes coconut oil, because coconut oil solves every problem we've ever had.

Inner Light Yoga Nashville

 We did not wake up to be mediocre. 

Inner Light Yoga - Emmy and Lee Singer

One day these two people had a dream.

They envisioned creating a community with a unique and original experience that pursues sweat and fosters the potential of others. And then they got married and decided to go after that dream full on. From a lot of late night conversations, sweat sessions, cursing (lovingly) at each other, hustle and heart... Inner Light Yoga came to life.

Lee and Emmy Singer passionately pursue one another as well as their goals. His kind heart and quiet determination, along with her positive spirit and infectious energy, create the perfect balance and dream team. To them, ILY is not a business. It is their hopes and dreams, living and breathing creating something bigger than themselves. This is a place that creates opportunities for others to be fulfilled and recognized.

And this did not come to life by just the two of them and their fur child Winston Charlie. Friends, family, local creatives, fellow yogis, and influencers have all lifted ILY up into what it is. The Singers firmly believe in people helping people. The magic that shines from Inner Light Yoga comes from the heart and soul that is Nashville. 

If you’re extra curious…

Emmy met yoga in 2008 and it was nearly love at first flow. With a heartbeat for storytelling and pulse for music, she moved to Nashville in 2011 to pursue her music industry dreams. Emmy learned to balance her role running digital for a roster of country artists by maintaining her life-giving yoga practice. Taking her passion one pose further, Emmy trained to be a certified yoga instructor and following her open-heart and renewed spirit transitioned from music to teaching yoga full-time. 

After Emmy married Lee, a skilled entrepreneur with a love for a good back-beat flow class, in 2015, the newlyweds’ dream of opening a fitness business together took them to California. While out West, Emmy’s love of music and yoga collided when she came across a new style of music-based vinyasa and dove head first into training specifically for this movement focused practice. They both were inspired by the West Coast, but Nashville was calling their hearts home. Filled with gratitude for the open arms of Nashville and passion for bringing music-based yoga to this beautiful community, the Singers moved back to Music City to open Inner Light Yoga.

Emmy Singer - Inner Light Yoga