Time integrity and accountability are the backbone of our studio and business. In order to keep a high standard of both, we stick to our word and to our policies.  


At ILY, we totally think you’re awesome and our doors are open to you. How we treat you is how we want to be treated. We want the experience that we create to be one that jazzes you up and puts you out into the world with the same intentions.  


While our front doors are always open, the yoga room doors do close when class begins. So come early, hang out with us in our lobby and give yourself enough time to get it together. Class begins and ends at the times listed on the schedule. We value your time and everyone is created equal so we love it when you value ours too.

We have a 3 Minute Rule. If you come any later than 3 minutes of the scheduled class time, we love you but we will not not let you in for class.


We want you to have everything you need to feel freaking awesome when you are here. That is why we have mats, towels, showers, products, great music, bad jokes, and more at no cost to you. Feeling taken care of, and let’s be honest a bit spoiled, is a wonderful feeling but being taken advantage of totally sucks. All we ask is that you are mindful in what you are using and taking from our space.


What’s going on in your life is awesome and we totally want you to share with us. About your achievements, the hard shit, your puppies and your babies, all of it. We also want to know if something isn’t feeling great for you at ILY. We also want to know when we are exceeding your expectations and providing a stellar experience. Bottom line, we love your feedback. Your opinion matters to us and we want you to feel comfortable talking with us. So let’s chat and then let’s hug it out.


Reserving your space online is the easiest way to register for class. Signing up online ahead of time is not required, but it is strongly encouraged. This will hold your space and set you up for fast and simple entry into the yoga room. If you don’t choose to sign up online we would love for you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. This allows enough time for you to fill out the registration form and sign the liability waiver.

There is a max of 30 people per class. This allows for full energy and high vibrations in the yoga room, but still offers everyone enough space so we aren’t mat to mat. If class fills up, you can choose to be added to the waitlist, which is limited to 10 people. If you are on the waitlist you will be added as soon as space becomes available. Even if you are on the waitlist, it is best to come to the studio. If another student doesn’t show or cancels last minute, that spot will be made available to the first person on the waitlist who is there in the studio. If you signed up for a class that is waitlisted and you do not arrive at least 2 minutes before class begins, your spot will be given to a person on the waitlist.


Single Classes, M-F Nooners, and Class Series:

If you Early Cancel, two hours or more before class time, your class credit remains on your account until it expires.

If you Late Cancel, two hours or less before class, you lose your class credit.

If you No Show, take no action and do not show up, you lose your class credit.


We have an introductory offer: One Month Unlimited for $40. This is for new students and it's a one time deal on your first visit.

The activation date of this Intro Offer is the day you purchase it. We can only extend the intro offer one week (7 days) from the original date of purchase or first visit.


The ILY-st Membership offers you unlimited yoga classes plus other member perks along the way. The payment method (credit or debit card) that you store on file with us is drafted $99 every month on the same day. The draft date will be determined by the date of purchase and we can pull a record of these transactions for you at any time. If you need to change the date of your monthly draft you can connect with us in the studio or via email at

Our member perks include 15% off retail purchases in the studio, 25% off studio workshops, monthly guest pass, early access to fun things, member only events, local discounts and more. Plus you become a deeper part of our this amazing community and our family.


There is no official contract for the ILY-st Membership, but you will sign a one pager giving us permission to draft your preferred card every month. The agreement is that you stick with us for 30 days and if you want to cancel, 30 days notice is required. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to

Example: If your monthly payment day is 1/01 and you let us know on 1/02 that you’d like to cancel your membership, your account will be charged again on 2/01 as your final payment. Your unlimited access will then end on 3/01.

Another Example: If your monthly payment day is 4/01 and you let us know on 3/25 that you’d like to cancel your membership, your account will be charged again on 4/01 as your final payment. Your unlimited access will then end on 5/01.

Another Example: If your monthly payment day is 5/30 and you let us know on 6/5 that you’d like to cancel your membership, your account will be charged again on 6/30 as your final payment. Your unlimited access will then end on 7/30.


We offer our ILY-st Members one freeze for one month. If you are going to be away for a bit, need to take a break, have an injury, whatever it is, we will let you skip one payment, one time. We offer a second month’s freeze for a $5 fee. You can not cancel immediately following your freeze, that does not apply as your 30 days notice. You will still need to follow all cancelation protocol as mentioned above. 


As an ILY-st Member you get to bring one new, local to Nashville guest every month to a class. We think that sharing what you love, and sharing yoga, is a wonderful thing. And as a member we want you to have all the perks we can offer. But please know that this is meant to bring a new, aka different, guest each month. And your guest must be a local resident to Nashville. So you can't bring the same person every month to a class. Invite more friends, flow with your family, or just do a random act of kindness and bring a stranger. 


We offer our ILY-st Membership to students and school employees for $85 per month. All the same terms and perks of the full-priced ILY-st Membership apply to this option. Proof of a VALID student or school employee ID must be show in order to enroll in this membership. You are responsible for notifying ILY if your status as a student/school employee has changed during the course of your membership. Failure to let us know will result in a $99 penalty. 


All purchases of classes, series, offers, promotions, workshops, memberships, and merchandise are all final sale. That is, there are no refunds or returns. If you do not use your class (i.e. you never actually sign up for a class or come to one) that class credit will remain on your account for six months. After six months it’s gone forever, so use it or you lose it. This applies to Single Classes, M-F Nooners, and Class Series. For the ILY-st Membership there are also no refunds or returns for this type of purchase.

Classes, series, workshops, and memberships are non-transferable and can only be used for the intended client.


9.25% sales tax is added to all purchases online and in studio at ILY. That includes classes, series, packages, workshops, memberships, promotions, retails items, etc.

If you are an ILY-st Member or Year Unlimited Pass holder, you are given a scan tag for easy sign in to the studio. The scan tag is on us, but if you lose that bad boy it's a $5 replacement fee. 


At ILY we commit to ourselves, our people and our community that we will be a positive stance and a great display of character. That positive stance is for love, good energy, and endless possibilities. Our display of character includes holding strong to what we believe in while having the openness to embrace anyone who may be different from us. We show up when we say we will, we listen when chaos gets too loud, and we love what we do because we have the freedom to do all things in a way that is authentic to us.


This is a lot of information. But our phone line and email inbox are always open. Reach out any time to connect and solve any concerns you might have. We are all about people helping people!