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We've got everything you need.

We’re located in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. Come see us at 2227 10th Avenue South.

Mats and towels are always complimentary. Aka, they are free for you to use while you are here.

Waverly Building - Inner Light Yoga


All of the parking options for our studio are FREE (praise hands). Street parking on 10th Ave. S. is only on one side. You can park anywhere on the street where there is a painted lane for cars on the outside of the bike lane. ALL SPOTS IN THE LOT ARE FAIR GAME. Even the ones with the Visitor signs. Only ones to be mindful of are 30-minute parking and spots designated for FACE. 
If you need, check out this groovy diagram that explains it all very clearly. 


Phone | 615.873.1460

Address | 2227 10th Ave. S., Nashville, TN, 37204

Email | hey@innerlightyoganashville.com

Memberships | memberships@innerlightyoganashville.com

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