Celebrate with private yoga parties


Our space is meant to be filled with stellar energy and we never pass up a reason to celebrate.

If you're about to be married, plan your bachelorette party with some pre-wedding zen time.

If you and your friends have something to celebrate, make it happen with a private group class.

If you want to enhance your company culture, bring the team over to check in together.

If you want to brush up on those yoga moves, let's have a one-on-one.

If you've just got an idea to partner, we are totally down to chat and be friends. 

Bachelorette Yoga Class Nashville


We would love to be a part of your bridal party (or groom's group) for an hour or two. We offer private access to our studio, a one hour class, and post-yoga hang time. Feel free to bring champs and treats because #yolo. 

Our bachelorette and group pricing begins at $250 and goes up based on the size of your party. 


We offer 60 minute private sessions in our studio. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get curious with your practice, and have one-on-one attention to fine tune poses. 

Individual private sessions in the studio are $95. If you would like to bring us into your home, we are happy to discuss those pricing options too.