A new year is upon us…

And with that comes a million and one possibilities.

We are simply accepting the invitation to 2019 with the hopes of connecting, moving, breathing, and expanding. However that shows up, whatever that feels like, let it be yours and see where it can take you. And of course, who doesn’t love a little accountability and support? We invite you to join us for the first month of the year (and beyond) at ILY for epic yoga parties with amazing playlists. By coming to classes in the month of January you could WIN some major prizes. Swag, discounts, unlimited yoga and MORE.
So...take a deep breath, hands on heart and hello 2019!

ILY January 2019 Pricing Options

you can purchase all regular class series + packages HERE.

ILY January 2019 Prize Options


  • Attend at least 5 classes and get 15% off a retail item of your choice

  • Attend at least 7 classes and be entered to win a Yoga mat + towel

  • Attend at least 10 classes and be entered to win One Month Unlimited

  • Attend at least 15 classes and be entered to win Three Months Unlimited

  • Attend at least 21 classes and be entered to win One Year Unlimited

TERMS: One random winner will be chosen for each tier. You are more than welcome to attend multiple classes in one day and check those off as separate classes. All ILY-st Members who attend at least 10 classes in January will receive an exclusive gift, whether or not they are chosen for a prize from one of the tiers.

INFO: Write your name on the board at ILY and check off the classes you attend.