We never go broke investing in ourselves. 

By choosing to be a part of this community, you are fueling dreams, passions, and let's be real electricity bills.
We put our heart and soul into making ILY a total experience that is worth it. 


complimentary mat + water bottle


2 weeks unlimited


1 month unlimited




mats are always complimentary

all classes.png
 all weekday Noon Flash classes just ten bucks to drop in #middaytreat

all weekday Noon Flash classes just ten bucks to drop in #middaytreat




 $129/month auto-draft for unlimited yoga

plus 50% off all workshops + paid events and 15% off all retail
(no contract we just ask that you don't ditch us in the first 30 days and after that we require 30 days notice before you cancel)


We offer our ILY-st Membership to current students, school teachers and active military for $116/month. We also offer $10 drop in classes to local yoga teachers and fitness instructors.  Come see us in the studio, bring your valid ID and/or teaching credentials, and we will get you all set up and taken care of! 


  • Time integrity and accountability are the backbone of our studio and business. In order to keep a high standard of both, we stick to our word and to our policies.

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class. We were serious about the first bullet point. Class starts on time and ends on time so let's all be there together, cool?

  • Reserving your space for class online is not required, but it's strongly encouraged. This way you just roll in, say hi, and strut straight into the yoga room.

  • If you're gearing up for your first visit to our space, all the new student things can be done online. Yay for efficiency! Give yourself enough time (aka more than the previously mentioned 10 minutes) to arrive, connect with us, and get settled into the studio. 

  • We have designated parking spots in the lot outside our building, but we share those with our neighbors. Spots full? Have no fear, there is plenty of street parking all along 10th Ave. S. And the best part? IT'S FREE. 

  • Our yoga room is gently heated. AKA it's about 75 degrees in there. Don't worry you'll still work up a sweat. 

  • We accept all major credit or debit cards. We do not accept cash money.  


If you are signed up for a class, you've got until 2 hours before the time of class to remove yourself from the list and still have the class credit on your account. If you late cancel out of the class after that 2 hour window, or if you just don't show up at all, you lose the class credit and it will not be refunded. This applies to Single Classes and Class Series. 

If you are an ILY-st Member or purchase a One Month Unlimited you are subject to a $10 charge for all Late Cancels and No Shows. 


All purchases of classes, series, workshops, memberships, and merchandise are all final sale. That is, no returns or refunds. If you do not use your class (i.e. you never actually sign up for a class or come to one) that class credit will remain on your account for one year. After one year it’s gone forever, so use it or you lose it. This applies to Single Classes and Class Series.

If there are concerns regarding the ILY-st Membership email us any time at hey@innerlightyoganashville.com.


Our space is meant to be shared and filled with stellar energy.

If you're about to be married AF, plan your bachelorette party with some pre-wedding zen time. If you and your crew have something to celebrate, make it happen with a private group class. If you want to enhance your company culture, bring the team over to check in together. If you just want to brush up on those yoga moves, let's have a one-on-one.

Get more info on Privates + Events HERE.  


We went even more in-depth with all of this, and if you're curious or killing time between your next venture, you can read all of it here. 

Our phone line and email inbox are always open. 615.873.1460

Reach out any time to connect and solve any concerns you might have.