Fly in July Inner Light Yoga Summer Yoga Challenge

We had so much fun last summer with all these yoga party things that we can't resist doing them again! 

This little challenge has gotten an upgrade. And the good news is, everyone who registers WINS something. Omg, you're welcome. So let's keep moving and breathing through summer together. All you need to do is come to class at ILY and punch your way (on an actual punch card #nonviolence) to some serious goodness.

Here's how this is gonna work...

- Register for Fly in July below
- Get a punch card from a cute person at the front desk
- Write your name on your groovy card and hold onto it
- Every time you come to class during the month of July, get a punch on your card from a cute person at the front desk
- Prizes will be awarded based on the number of punches you collect

Easy breezy right?! There are two requirements to be eligible to receive the prizes. Everyone receives the prizes based on the level but ONLY IF you are registered through this official contest form and ONLY IF you turn in your card by August 1st, 2018.

Now to the good stuff, the prize levels!

- 15 punches: 3 classes to be put on your account or given to one friend
- 6-10 punches: 1 class to be put on your account or given to one friend
- 3-5 punches: $5 credit added to your account to be used towards purchase of classes or retail items

$99 for Unlimited Yoga July 1st-31st

Wanna get on board for a sweet price? We are offering a special price of $99 for one month unlimited valid July 1st-31st. The dates of this deal are set, aka it's only valid July 1st-31st no matter what day you purchase it on. 

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