Together we rise. 

We L-O-V-E love this sweet community. Doing fun things together inside our space, or out in our city, makes our heart go #boomclap. Here's what we are currently up to with workshops, events and more. We want you to join us...

Inner Light Yoga 31 Day Yoga Challenge Free Year of Yoga Nashville Yoga

MARCH GLADNESS: 31 Days of Yoga

March 1st-31st, 2018
Come to yoga every day in March
Be entered to WIN A YEAR OF YOGA

Our birthday is March 1st (we don't know where the last year has gone either) and we are ready to CELEBRATE! Enter... March Gladness! A month-long yoga initiative to bring our community together to honor yoga, movement, and ILY the whole month of March as we celebrate our first birthday. Best part?

WE ARE GIVING AWAY AN ENTIRE YEAR OF YOGA! This is for all the freaking LOVE we have felt while moving, breathing, and singing in this amazing studio we get to call home. For everyone who comes to yoga every day in March, you'll be entered to win an entire year at ILY. We will be giving away other prizes at the end, obvi.

There will be an expertly crafted board up in the lobby for everyone to participate, write your name as your official entry, then check off the days that you yoga party. But don't get all stressed about checking off the boxes every day. This is about having fun and dropping into a practice you love. And we love YOU. Don't forget friends, this is The Year of Goodness.

Who's ready to dive in and celebrate?! PS. We are also planning a badass party. Scroll down for all the deets...

Inner Light Yoga Free Yoga First Birthday Party Nashville

1ST BDAY PARTAAAY: Free Yoga + Community Love

March 24th, 2018
8am, 10am, Noon, 2pm

Save the date people! March 24th, 2018 we will have FREE classes all day. Yes you've read that right. All classes will be free and they will be SO FUN!

There will be delicious treats, matcha and coffee made by Tiffany Napper of Whitespace + Wellness, pop-up shops from Lemon Laine and JIVA Active, giveaways from us, lululemon, Agathos Athleisure and Manduka, all the photo booth opps from Go Bonanza Photo Booth Co., and so much love. Classes will be themed and we are taking requests! Tell us what you'd like to move and breathe to.

OMG FRIENDS! ALL CLASSES ARE FULL! 😲😭 We can't even believe it! But please still come over to the studio on March 24th! There is so much fun to be had in and out of the yoga room. And there are always those few yogis who reserve ahead of time and don't show up. We love you all!

We are giving away three prizes to three winners. Everyone who comes to class is entered to WIN! Prizes are: 10 Class Series at ILY, lululemon yoga mat + ILY retail item of choice, $40 gift card to Agathos Athleisure + Manduka yoga mat and towel.

Celebrating with you and this beautiful community is going to be the best day ever. We seriously can't believe what's happened in a year and it's because of YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🖤

Inner Light Yoga Sound Bath Meditation

ZEN AF: Sound Bath Meditation

March 29th, 2018
$30 (ILY-st Members get 25% off)

In Ann's Sound Bath we are guided for a brief meditation where we will lay down and do breathing exercises in order to get in a more relaxed and receptive state of mind. Then we get cozy, and for 60 minutes listen to and feel the sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and other various instruments.

Inner Light Yoga Nashville Kids Yoga


April 4th, 2018
$15 per child, ages 3+

Habitat Yoga has us covered for the Spring Break edition of our Kid's Class. 

Meet us at our studio for a release of energy and grounding of spirit for the little ones in your life. It is always such a sweet and wonderful morning with new and old friends! 

Inner Light Yoga Inversions Workshop Arm Balances Workshop J. Miles Nashville

YOGA PARTY TRICKS: Inversions + Arm Balances

April 7th, 2018
$30 (ILY-st Members get 25% off)

We are stoked to host J. Miles, bad-ass yogi, martial artist and master inversions god from VA! He will be giving us tools and cues to learn all the yoga party tricks of getting upside and balancing on our hands.

After this workshop we'll have the skills to start working some BA postures into our practice. Did we mention he's a retired break dancer?! Yea, we are all about learning those moves too. 

J. will also be taking over our 4:30pm Vivid class on Friday, April 6th for a beat driven master flow. Reserve your space ahead of time HERE.



Our space is meant to be shared and filled with stellar energy.

If you're in search of a space to host what's on your heart, let's see if we can work together. If you're about to be married AF, plan your bachelorette party with some pre-wedding zen time. If you and your crew have something to celebrate, make it happen with a private group class. If you want to enhance your company culture, bring the team over to check in together. If you just want to brush up on those yoga moves, let's have a one-on-one.

Get more info on Privates + Events HERE.