Opportunity always arises and we can begin again. 

This is yoga with heartbeat inducing movements, loud music, and nonstop fun. Classes are designed to be challenging, but nothing is impossible. All levels are welcome, poses and alignments are broken down, modifications are given, and if you find you’re lost with the flow, everything is just a suggestion. We are all about pushing you to the limits while providing a safe space to figure it out and laugh it off. Because at the end of the day, it’s just yoga. If you’re there and you’re breathing, you're crushing it.


This fast-paced vinyasa class empowers us to be our own teacher.  We break down the sequence, holding each posture to feel the depth and strength. Then together we go through breath to movement, getting a feel for the pace and the flow. After a few times through, the music gets turned up and the opportunity is ours to move freely. Adding, taking away, or straight up dancing in this yoga party is always encouraged. And before we know it, we rest in stillness, noticing the vibrations of the beat still moving through us and we feel zen AF.



When we say yoga party, we mean Yoga. Party. But maybe the idea of free flowing to music while no one is teaching doesn’t sound like kind of party you want to come to right away. Hakuna matata! This class gives you all the core postures, all the cues, and all the time to feel good while starting to move freely in your practice. The perfect place to start, this class sets you up to take on Vivid Free Flow and (yoga) party like it's 1999.



This is an intelligently sequenced class that offers more opportunities to break down and workshop certain poses within the flow. Because we know we all want to practice an arm balance or an inversion every now and then. But don't worry, we are working hard and challenging the body. Music is still the backbone, but there is a bit more guidance from the teacher through the entirety of these classes.



This a short and sweet version of Vivid. Trust us, we can get some serious sh#t done in 45 minutes. #yogaparty



This class is where we chill the F out. Life is happening, we are pursuing sweat regularly at all kinds of classes, and our bodies need a break. Here we hit the reset button. It's slow, it's in the evening, there are blackout shades and essential oils diffusing. The vibe is set and we get the opportunity to sink deeper into the postures to unlock the tight, heavy stuff we carry around. Plus MC and Val are yoga fairies who deliver a delicious practice and sprinkles their sparkly dust everywhere.



We take the best of our free flow and the best of our restorative and bring them together for a 75-minute music driven experience. You will breathe, move, work and then take that extra time to just relax into all that you've created. No need for the Sunday Scaries when you have this class in the afternoon. It's the perfect way to get grounded and open for the week ahead.



We all need a mid-day pick me up, and a $10 yoga party should do the trick. Our Noon Flash classes Monday - Friday are just ten bucks. Press pause on your day, turn up the beats, move your body and save a few dollar bills. Can’t beat it!

Our Classes Vinyasa Yoga
Our Classes - Vinyasa - Yoga - Inner Light Yoga
Our Classes - Vinyasa - Yoga
Our Classes - Vinyasa - Yoga - Inner Light Yoga
Our Classes - Vinyasa - Yoga - Inner Light Yoga